To be honest, many of my tomato babies didn’t “make it”. The move was a little hard on them. I think perhaps three beefsteaks are happy in my mom’s garden, but as for me, only a couple of patio babies are still with me:

photo 1 photo 2[

[the weeds came free with the rent]

I added a few more babies to the bunch… I’m trying to make my basil plant into a tree, FYI. I’ve got my rosemary by the garden “gate”, my lavender for “luck”, spicy globe basil, sage, German thyme, and lemon thyme. My lemon balm is giving out on me…I’ve never seen it turn purple and wither away before. I must have done something wrong. 😦

photo 1 (1) photo 2 (1) photo 3 photo 4

I’ve thought about doing a wall planter with lettuces on it, but thinking I might invest in an Aerogarden instead just to make sure I’m encouraged to harvest daily.

Just wanted to share!

– Verbena



My basil and lemon balm are doing just dandy (not referring to the lion…hehe). The lavender, unfortunately, made no progress. That’s always been my luck with lavender though, so no surprise there! Maybe I’m doomed to pay a fortune for all my wish list lavender goodies… Ha!

I’m thinking of trying them again using an elementary school technique of plastic baggie and damp paper towel… Today’s waxing Taurus moon should be good for that…unless there’s another moon lavender likes better! I’ll have to look into that.

I haven’t decided on the “mightiest” tomato seedlings for a few of the pots yet… I’ll let them spread their legs in their new pot a bit first. I know terra cotta is unusual for tomato plants so early in their growth, but since we are moving mid-season, I didn’t want to have to transplant them multiple times, and thought that giving them a hefty bit of room early on would give them some encouragement on maturity before they get to their final multi-gallon homes on my porch. My mom also offered me a backup plan! She has room in her garden for some babies, so I’m going to give her a few Black Krims to make sure I still get yummies if my porch experiment doesn’t work. 😄

Pics or it didn’t happen!



Just wanted to share!

– Verbena


So I’m sitting here on one of my hedgewitch nights (referring to the book sequence again)  thinking about my daily affirmation about Spirit…and my rosemary tree asked me to take her picture.

So I obliged…


And then the rest of the gang got in on it…


…then the seed babies wanted a shot!


Phew! A gardener’s work is never done. 🙂

Blessed be!

– Verbena


Spring has arrived (or so I’m told). That fact combined with the 23rd’s fertile waxing Aries moon meant it was time to get some seedlings ready for the big time – or just ready for some Jiffy starter seed packs.

[Insert “moon gardener” badge here]

This year I have very minimal gardening room. My porch is south facing and a decent size, but that will be changing come July when the family and I move into a townhouse. I have no clue which way my porch will face then, only that there’s a large privacy fence around it.

To be safe, I’ve opted for container babies and container-baby-maybies.

  • Lemon Basil
  • Lavender
  • Lemon Balm
  • Patio Princess Tomatoes
  • Black Krim Tomatoes (maybies)

And they have sprouted!

Seeds-Herbs Seeds-Herbs2

[Nevermind the carpet and lamp…there’s no light on the window sill at night. Have you noticed?]

As the seed catalogs have been pouring in, I’ve been trying to keep my pouting at bay. There was a time where I had the resources to grow 140 organic heirloom tomato plants and sell them at a local market…


[That pic is a collage of only fraction of my weekly harvest that year]

Along with mourning my space restraints, I am also mourning the departure of my favorite garden blog: This Garden is Illegal. Hanna come back!

But that’s enough sadness! Onward and upwards!

…and blessed be. 🙂

– Verbena