Merry meet to all! My name is Verbena Stevens (that’s my pen name, FYI), and I’m a working mommy, wife, and…witch! I’ve been creating some things in my spare time (what’s that?) and was really itching to start putting things on the web a la blog format. And I do like to pay attention to those itches every now and again… So here we are!

The title “Witch Can Cook” isn’t one meant to limit the things I can do, just so you know! It rather denotes a passion of mine that always connects me to Spirit no matter where I’m at in life. And for now, I’m right here. Cooking, working, playing with the kids, taking photos, playing with Photoshop, dreaming of books to write and art to create… Now I’m adding blogging to my day to day to share all those adventures! And you thought this was just going to be a cooking blog…

Enjoy and blessed be!

– Verbena


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