Always | Releasing

Over the winter holidays, Silver Ravenwolf posted her 30-day Great Release Program – a daily program filled with negativity banishing activities and rituals, where every day you throw something away. I highly recommend checking it out on her blog if you haven’t heard of it. 

As a greatful participant, I can’t even begin to describe the amazing internal transformation it brought me at a pretty desperate time. In fact, I am still reaping the sown benefits. Of course, life being a constant cycle of change, the new year brought in many challenges as old ones washed away, making me wish for a new program to keep pulling me through…

Wait, why did I have to stop something that was working so well just because the calendar said so? Throwing something away every day had become a much needed burden-lifter I looked forward to each day, and my family loved how the house felt each time I completed a task.

I didn’t have to stop, obviously, but as someone that isn’t a fan of “just because” cleaning (read: a red-blooded human being), I couldn’t see myself continuing the grind of releasing without a prompt.

Or could I?

Since so much of magick is done within – changing a perspective, forgiving, letting go – what if I changed my intent for “always” instead of just for the course of a program? Every time I vacuum, sweep, clean the counters… I’m not just cleaning. I’m releasing the negative energy that builds up over time in my family’s home. Wunjo is in my floor cleaner, Berkana blesses my doorway, and the music that I play doing all the mundane chores infuses the whole space with the serenity of my intentions. 

It sounds so obvious on one hand, but on the other, why wasn’t it that obvious? Perhaps these types of things should come under consideration more often…

Today is one more step on the journey. 

Always releasing. Always a blessing.

– Verbena


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