Being that this started out as a cooking blog, such a big change to my (and my family’s) diet seemed incredibly relevant… So here’s another share!

Everyone gets older and, with that, come some mandatory changes like…slower metabolism, i.e., weight gain. We all have personal body wishes of course, and mine were never realistic, I’ll admit; however, I was growing particularly upset with not so much the post-baby fluff, but the absolute inability to get rid of it! Not to mention the bloating… One small snack at lunch, and I looked 6 months pregnant! I’d have a flat stomach mid-morning, and post-lunch I wanted to sit at my desk in a potato sack because I was so uncomfortable in anything but my maternity jeans.

So frustrating!

On another note, I had no energy. Not just, “I stayed up too late” tired, but constant fatigue. Even getting dressed was a chore. It really seemed to be more than a lazy lifestyle problem and I was ready to try any semi-okay fad diet just to get something to budge whether that “something” be the scale, my mommy fluff, or just my energy levels.

So I remembered hearing about “gluten-free” diets and how it can be life-changing for people. Then, the more I read, I started thinking, “I could very well be a walking textbook case for Celiac Disease!” Now, I’m not going to self-diagnose by any means, but if making one simple change to my diet could potentially change my whole quality of life for the better…why not?Β 

So here I am, week one. Last week, I sorted out everything in the pantry, pulling all the gluten-filled items out and declared that they must be eaten by Sunday or else they were going in the trash… All I ended up tossing was a touch of Bisquick mix and about a cup of Italian breadcrumbs. I was impressed with my ability to use almost everything! That spaghetti pie helped me with the Panko, I’ll admit. πŸ™‚

Yesterday was boot camp for my husband. I caught him eating a bowl of Life cereal first thing and quickly let him know he was breaking the rules. πŸ˜€ For breakfast, I had grits with butter. Then at lunch, I had a Thai cabbage salad with peanuts and avocado at California Pizza Kitchen (celebrating a co-worker’s bday). For dinner I did sushi which, as there is soy sauce involved, is not 100% gluten free. I did read however, that the ppm range for gluten particles in most soy sauces is almost the same threshold for “gluten-free” labeling. Thus, I made the decision that on day one, it was okay since the gluten was such a small amount, and I was doing this diet more for general health than in response to a serious allergy.

And today I already feel different… BETTER different.

I’m not expecting to see super major results for a long time (six months I hear?), but waking up and not being bloated? Sitting at my desk all morning not wanting to fall asleep? Um…YES PLEASE.

Going forward, I’ll keep a journal of sorts on how things are working out for anyone interested. And of course I’ll post recipes! This will be a cooking-full diet experience to say the least – unless of course I want to spend my entire paycheck every month buying pre-packaged items at Whole Foods (which I will do part-time, but not full-time).

Thanks for reading!

– Verbena


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