Always | Releasing

Over the winter holidays, Silver Ravenwolf posted her 30-day Great Release Program – a daily program filled with negativity banishing activities and rituals, where every day you throw something away. I highly recommend checking it out on her blog if you haven’t heard of it. 

As a greatful participant, I can’t even begin to describe the amazing internal transformation it brought me at a pretty desperate time. In fact, I am still reaping the sown benefits. Of course, life being a constant cycle of change, the new year brought in many challenges as old ones washed away, making me wish for a new program to keep pulling me through…

Wait, why did I have to stop something that was working so well just because the calendar said so? Throwing something away every day had become a much needed burden-lifter I looked forward to each day, and my family loved how the house felt each time I completed a task.

I didn’t have to stop, obviously, but as someone that isn’t a fan of “just because” cleaning (read: a red-blooded human being), I couldn’t see myself continuing the grind of releasing without a prompt.

Or could I?

Since so much of magick is done within – changing a perspective, forgiving, letting go – what if I changed my intent for “always” instead of just for the course of a program? Every time I vacuum, sweep, clean the counters… I’m not just cleaning. I’m releasing the negative energy that builds up over time in my family’s home. Wunjo is in my floor cleaner, Berkana blesses my doorway, and the music that I play doing all the mundane chores infuses the whole space with the serenity of my intentions. 

It sounds so obvious on one hand, but on the other, why wasn’t it that obvious? Perhaps these types of things should come under consideration more often…

Today is one more step on the journey. 

Always releasing. Always a blessing.

– Verbena


Imbolc | Blessings

Merry meet everyone! I can’t believe it’s February already…and spring is around the corner per our trusty groundhog. What a beautiful night to celebrate the shortening of darkness and beautiful Bridget! I thought I’d pop in to share how my family is celebrating…

First, I didn’t have time for the full Brede’s braided bread recipe, so I used Pillsbury breadsticks as a quick go-to.

Then I decided on an Irish-inspired dinner with shepherds pie:

 We decided to light up the house with candles while we ate, fireplace included!

 And with some Celtic fiddle music in the background, my oldest attempted to figure out how to make Bridget crosses.

Blessed be to all! Stay warm!

– Verbena

The|Pagan|Experience|-|Am|I|Really|a|Witch|? provides weekly writing prompts for pagans in blogger-land and this week was a “bonus” November week that invited writers to discuss any topic. I decided it would be a good week to get in on the fun and express something that’s been on my mind:

Am I really a witch?

Yes, I admit that it seems like a silly question for someone with a blog titled “Witch Can Cook”, but I really do ask it ; especially after sloshing through the pagan “blogosphere” – the comments section specifically. “Witch wars” and sarcastic/haughty/malicious attacks with similar negativeness seem to pervade wherever there’s a human given the opportunity to express an opinion. It’s not so much that said individuals hold any power over my feelings of magickal worthiness; it’s that for someone wanting to contribute anything she can to promote the magickal community, I realize that I don’t identify with many of the pagans out there. Would they then identify with me? Would they consider me a witch? Continue reading


I have been needing to do some serious releasing for a long time, and it finally caught up with me this week. All the pain and negativity I’ve been carrying so long brought me to a standstill. As in, crying-in-the-shower-can’t-convince-myself-to-get-dressed standstill.


I’ve known that two things would have to happen if I wanted to move on: forgiveness and self-forgiveness. No, they are not one thing to me, one package called “forgiveness”. They are two very different processes that I have to approach in completely different ways.

As a witch, with so many tools to turn to, how did I let things get this bad? Well, all that negativity came from somewhere – bad experiences, bad choices, bad outcomes – so inevitably, my faith had waned. At one time I knew I could tap into the universe for anything, and it would come with fireworks ablaze. The creativity of Source always amazed me. Then, I felt like everything sent out went into a big. black. hole. Huge. Where hope goes to die. Continue reading


I normally love empanadas; I mean, how can you go wrong with pie crust and cream cheese?

You can go gluten-free wrong, that’s how.

Despite this quick favorite going “wrong” however, the family still enjoyed them, so I’ll share anyhow.

I define an empanada as anything that stuffs cream cheese into a pie shell. Pretty open slate, and if you use pre-cooked chicken pieces and pre-made pie shells, hey – easy peasy, 1-2-3. Since our family has mostly gone gluten-free (“mostly” meaning gluten-minimal), I thought I’d try to incorporate a sans wheat version of one of my faves into the family recipe Rolodex. Continue reading


Being that this started out as a cooking blog, such a big change to my (and my family’s) diet seemed incredibly relevant… So here’s another share!

Everyone gets older and, with that, come some mandatory changes like…slower metabolism, i.e., weight gain. We all have personal body wishes of course, and mine were never realistic, I’ll admit; however, I was growing particularly upset with not so much the post-baby fluff, but the absolute inability to get rid of it! Not to mention the bloating… One small snack at lunch, and I looked 6 months pregnant! I’d have a flat stomach mid-morning, and post-lunch I wanted to sit at my desk in a potato sack because I was so uncomfortable in anything but my maternity jeans.

So frustrating!

On another note, I had no energy. Not just, “I stayed up too late” tired, but constant fatigue. Even getting dressed was a chore. It really seemed to be more than a lazy lifestyle problem and I was ready to try any semi-okay fad diet just to get something to budge whether that “something” be the scale, my mommy fluff, or just my energy levels.

So I remembered hearing about “gluten-free” diets and how it can be life-changing for people. Then, the more I read, I started thinking, “I could very well be a walking textbook case for Celiac Disease!” Now, I’m not going to self-diagnose by any means, but if making one simple change to my diet could potentially change my whole quality of life for the better…why not?  Continue reading


So I’ve scoured both Pinterest and my creative inner-self to come up with some inspired decorating ideas kind of inspired by the movie Practical Magic. There are a bunch of other inspirations thrown in, i.e,, Victorian, cottage, French country, etc., but that’s the backbone. You may or may not be able to “see” where that style comes in based on what I’m sharing, but for me, it’s there. 🙂

I don’t have an attachment off of my kitchen for a conservatory, but I do have a really big window in my living room begging for some life… So I decided to incorporate hanging plants to pull in the conservatory feel… More to come, but this is what I’ve done so far:

photo 3 (1) photo 4 (1)

I envision larger hanging terrariums from the ceiling and a shabby chic chandelier eventually (Pinterest inspired, naturally). Continue reading